Environmental Policy


Environmental Policy

NORD CARGO is aware of its responsibility with regard to caring for the environment. Sustainability objectives are an integral part of company policy. The policy is aimed at limiting negative effects on the environment as much as possible.

Respect for the environment
We handle the environment, raw materials and consumables we use in the office, warehouse and in our service, with care.

  • reduce energy consumption
  • reduce paper consumption
  • separate and limit (chemical) waste
  • optimize load factor in trailer
  • reducing CO2 emissions by optimizing transport movements and purchasing equipment

Environmental Compliance
we comply with applicable legal requirements and guidelines in the field of the environment

Subcontractors and suppliers
In collaboration with subcontractors and suppliers, we are looking for ways to reduce CO2 emissions.

Continuous improvement
We are working on a continuous reduction of the environmental impact. In order to specify this ambition, we formulate objectives that are related to the environment in our quality plan.

Date : 13-02-2024
Signature : Management Nord Cargo BV